Transport Technology Centre

Front view of Transport Technology Centre

Realizing the fact that transportation is becoming more and more dynamic, the Institute mooted the idea of establishing a transport technology centre to make teaching and learning as more practically oriented as possible.

This is a multi-purpose centre equipped with state-of- the- art-technology to provide access to the mechanisms embodied in Transport and Logistics operational facilities, equipments, vehicles system controls, etc covering all modes of transport and Logistics.  It is also planned for the technology research covering all elements of transport and logistics operations.

Status of the Centre

The TTC is to be an autonomous department under the institute whose facilities are being used by all departments and units of the institute and also open to all interested stakeholders in the industry. As much as possible, the Centre will be effectively operated on commercial grounds to ensure effective maintenance and sustenance of the facilities.

Side view of Transport Technology Centre (TTC)

Objectives of the Centre

The Centre is established to achieve the following objective, among many others:-

  • Simulate good driving for training and retraining of drivers
  • Train engineers, technologists and technicians for effective handling and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, especially new generation models.
  • Advise government on policies that promote safety, economy and technology transfer in the transport sector, and logistics operations
  • To avail operators of research facilities to improve productivity and sustainability of business and operation.
  • Overall improvement of system and sustainable development of the sector.
  • To enable NITT realize its technology mandate
  • Effective systems for research in safety/economic of transport operations
  • Provide trainees with exposure in the best practice comparable with any in the developed world.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Transport sector in Nigeria and West African sub-region.
  • House facilities, equipment, simulators, models, system controls, engine test cells etc in Transport operations for all modes
  • Major skills acquisition centre for all level of practitioners in the Industry

Construction of 2nd phase of Transport Technology Centre

Functions of  the Centre

The Centre is to function as follows:-

  1. Research Centre for staff and industry in general
  2. Teaching and training for exposure to best practice
  3. To serve as a model centre of state-of-the-art practice in the transport and logistics industry
  4. Train-the-trainer facilities for driver training and safety operations
  5. Technology Standardization Centre

Benefits of the Centre

  1. Ability to provide state-of-the–art-training in transport education in Nigeria comparable to any around the world.
  2. Revenue generating outlet to government to attract foreign interest and patronage by West African Countries, thereby generating income to governments
  3. To facilitate commercialization of NITT activities.
  4. Improvement of safety on our roads
  5. Reduction of overseas training by Transport & Logistics industry as well as cost optimization
  6. Operational cost minimization 

Facilities at the Centre

The Centre will at its peak of development harbour the following facilities and equipment; scaled down of transport facilities as follows:

  • Car/truck driving Simulators (Car/truck SIM)
  • Marine Port
  • Area Control and signaling
  • Junction controls.
  • Planes, ships and Vehicles
  • Rail station and Marshaling yard
  • Pipeline system
  • HDV Driving simulators (Truck SIM)
  • Flight Simulators
  • Crane simulator
  • Material Test Bench

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