Transport Research & Intelligence

Research is the backbone of any meaningful development as it produces knowledge that can be applied towards solving existing and particular problems. Consequently, our research activities are aimed at assisting public and private organizations in making strategic and informed decisions in the transport and logistics sector.

It provides high skill transport specialists backed with latest information on national and international transport system, intelligence and technology to render all services for the sector and the necessary transfer of technology in management, planning and engineering of transport.

Survey officers during National Transport Survey and Projection (NTSP) project of the FMOT, 2011

It also pursues vigorously basic and applied transport research programmes in the areas of operations, management, planning and technology as well as offers advisory services to the private and public organizations in all aspects of transportation and logistics in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

The responsibilities of TR&I Department are anchored on the following mandates of the Institute:

  • Serve as information cell for the planning and coordination of such programmes and policies as the Honourable Minister of Transport may from time to time direct;
  • Ensure the periodic evaluation of transport plans and programmes and the formulation of such policies on transportation as may from time to time be authorized by the Honourable Minister of Transport, and
  • Serve as transport intelligence centre and house national data bank for the collection, collation and analysis of all economic and technical data relating to all aspects of transportation.

In fulfillment of the above mandates, Transport Research and Intelligence Department has the following responsibilities:

  1. Conduct of applied and sustainable research on all modes of transport in different parts of the country to generate valuable transport planning data on sustainable basis.
  2. Housing and management of the National database: collection, collation and analysis of transport data from different sources and derivation of performance indicators for the purpose of policy initiation, formulation and implementation in the transport sector.
  3. Provision of transport intelligence (think tank) functions: that is, perform functions which fall under the transport research, intelligence and advisory services to policy makers in the transport sector particularly the Federal Ministry of Transport and other MDAs having responsibilities for operation and administration of all modes of transport
  4. Publication of Journal, text books, research study reports and transport statistics.

Its research activities are programmed around the following:-

  • Sustainable Research programmes (Public service responsibility).
  • Transport Information Databank.

Recent Research Projects

The Department has carried out the following researches.

  • Pilot Survey for the implementation of data collection Templates for the National Transport Databank (2015)
  • Sustainable Research on Assessment of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) capacities in Nigeria transport sector (NACETEM) NITT collaboration Research (2014)
  • Feasibility Study on the Establishment of Sure Trust Transport Scheme for Kebbi State, 2014
  • A Survey investigating the impact of Motorcycle and Three Wheelers Growth in Africa (A case study of Kano), 2012
  • National Transport Survey and Projection (NTSP) funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport 2009-2011.
  • Motor vehicle preference among Nigerians, funded by National Automotive Council, Abuja 2011
  • Survey on consumer preference for Automobile in north-West Nigeria (2011).
  • Investigating the Impact of Motorcycle 3 wheelers- Case Study of Kano Metropolis, Funded by the World Bank and Kano State Government.
  • Socio-economic and Demographic Base Line of BRT Scheme in Lagos, 2009
  • Urban Traffic Management Study Kaduna Phase I (FMOT) 2007.
  • Lagos State Metropolitan Study (LAMATA) 2007.
  • Regulatory Policy and Inter-State Coordination of Road Transport (FMOT), 2007.
  • Logistics Optimization of Ashaka Cement Company operation, 2004.
  • Cargo Transport Simulation Study for Shippers’ Council
  • Master Plan for Integrated Transport Infrastructure, 2002
  • Integrated Transportation System of Port Harcourt and Its Environs, 1999

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