Re: Qualification of contractors for construction and equipping of fire service station in the institute

The under listed Companies have been Pre- qualified;

  1. Gridline Nig. Ltd.
  2. Bookerntan Nig. Ltd.
  3. Dashnamak Construction Nig. Ltd.
  4. Magabat International Ltd.
  5. Loggiano Nig. Ltd.
  6. Edil Nig Ltd.
  7. Royal Stone Global Investment Ltd.
  8. Hilly lash Nig Ltd.
  9. Venus Construction Company Ltd.
  10. Pride Rock Ltd.
  11. Q. S. Trends Consults Ltd.
  12. Contrasulting Mega Services Ltd.
  13. Made in Nig. Builders Ltd.
  14. Tamgaj Corporate Services Ltd.
  15. Phiser Engineering and Solutions Ltd.



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