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Procurement is a critical business process that enables an organization to secure a wide range of externally provided resources and value efficiently and effectively, from need to disposal.

The unit is responsible for acquiring goods, works and services, to meet the Institute’s objectives in line with the provision of the 2007 Public Procurement Act by ensuring that the Institute follows best practices.

The unit thus procures through transparent and competitive process, by providing goods and services in the:

  • Right Quantity
  • Right Time
  • Right Place
  • Right Quality
  • Right Price

for end users.

Internal Audit

The Audit unit checks accuracy of financial records of the Institute.  It ensures checks and balances in the management of funds of the Institute and further carry out the following;

      • Ensure implementation of all government financial rules and regulations governing the institute
      • Review Institute final account before external auditors are invited
      • Ensure the implementation adherence to management /government policies and guidelines on administrative matters, insurance, pension, staff recruitment training and development
      • Advise the DG/CE on Capital Projects
      • Report all financial matters to the DG/CE
      • Monitor the annual budget of the Institute

Liaising with the office of the Auditor general and Audit Unit of the Federal Ministry of Transport when necessary for New Guidelines and Government regulations.

Press and Public Relations

The Press and Public Relations Unit is one of the units directly under the office of the Director General and Chief Executive. It deals with all matters and issues relating to media and Public Relations and operates within the framework of the guidelines provided by the supervising Ministry,  the Federal Ministry of Transport.  The Press and Public Relations was upgraded to a fully fledged unit in 2013 with the overall responsibility of projecting the programmes, polices,  plans, and activities of the Institute through press Releases, statements, press conferences, feature articles, pamphlets, brochures, posters, films and photos, journals and public lectures. Other functions of the unit include;

        • Handling Public Enquiries on Institute activities and programmes
        • Monitoring all shades of opinion,  the News media especially print and Electronic media daily for news report and publication on the Institute
        • Compiling press clipping of such news reports and analyzing them for further action by management
        • Maintaining regular contacts with the departments of the institute with a view to projecting their activities and programmes as may be directed.
        • Assisting in corporate publicity and promotional campaign programmes such as Trade Fairs, workshops and exhibition.
        • Assisting in the publication of News Letters, Information Manuals and Flyers on the Institute.
        • Responsible for the Institutes’ customer care, entertainment and hospitality to ensure customer satisfaction in the delivery of institute’s programmes and activities.
        • Handling Institute’s programmes/events, venue arrangement and decorations for course ceremonies, workshops/seminars.
        • Writing reports and making recommendations on ways of improving institute’s customer services based on comments/reports of course participants and other visitors to the institute in relation to hospitality and other services of the Unit and the Institute.
        • Writing draft of Director General/Chief Executive’s Speeches at major events.
        • Writing rejoinders, where the need arises, on any negative reports/publications on the institute
        • Placing all advertisements, jingles and announcements for the institute in the mass media
        • Performing other duties and functions as may be assigned and directed from time to time.

Legal Services

The Legal Services unit is responsible for all legal matters of the Institute and such other duties as the Director-General may direct.

The following are more detailed function(s) and/or profile of the unit which by no means are exhaustive in addition to those stated in the Draft Amendment.

      • Proffer and offer legal advice to the Director General/Chief Executive and the Management in gray areas (of law) as may be required from time to time.
      • Draft and/or vet legal documents, memorandum of understanding (MoU) and Contractual Agreement where the Institute is a party
      • Explain the position of the Institute on issues with reference to the extant law (enabling Act) establishing the Institute, and serving in standing committees and/or adhoc committee to proffer legal advice as may be required by the management.
      • Draft legal brief for and in response to matters/suits between the Institute and other parties
      • Arbitrating and conciliation in matters between the Institute and one or more parties
      • Standing in/representing the Institute and other management staff in matters in court.

Liaise with external solicitors (as may be) engaged by the Institute and negotiate legal briefs

Others are:

    • Physical Planning/ Maintenance Unit (PP/MU)
    • Medical
    • Security
    • Consultancy Unit

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