Consultancy Services Department

This is one of the newly created departments under the present leadership of the Institute. It was created in response to the need to develop ways and means of generating additional revenues (IGR), to supplement the statutory allocation from the federation account. The department offers a wide range of services to numerous clients, such as Federal and state government agencies and the private sector, each of which can be tailored to meet specific organizational needs.

Main Areas of Expertise

  • Feasibility Studies for Transport and Logistics Projects
  • Consultancy on Basic and Applied Researches
  • Transport Plans and Master Plan Developments
  • Human Resources Development in various Aspects and Modes of Transport
  • Project Management
  • Marketing of Transport and Logistics Services
  • Entrepreneurship Development in Transport and Logistics
  • Optimization of Transport and Logistics Operations.
  • ICT Services
  • Business Development
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Coordinate other jobs/projects sourced from other Departments and Outside the Institute

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