Bursary Department

The Bursary Department is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the finances of the Institute.  It is also responsible for planning, organizing, directing and coordinating the operations of the accounting system of the Institute.  The Bursary Department ensures adequate security of all monies and other property of the Institute under its custody.

Organization of the Department

The Bursary Department, for administrative convenience, effective performance and efficient co-ordination, is divided into 9 Units and various sections and sub-sections as follows:

  1. Departmental Unit/Bursar’s Office
  2. Expenditure and Vote Control
  3. Revenue
  4. Personnel Emoluments.
  5. Cash Office
  6. Planning Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Stores
  8. Final Account
  9. Records

Brief Activities of the above Units:

  1. The Departmental Unit deals mainly; with matters relating to Administration, Inter-department relationships, Institutional issues, Governmental and regulatory matters, etc. The Departmental Unit also ensures effective co-ordination of all the activities performed in the Bursary Department to facilitate monitoring.
  2. The Expenditure and Vote Control Unit deals with matters relating to General Expenditure, Liaison Offices operations, Departmental Votes Control, International and Local Workshops, Special events, etc.
  3. The Revenue Unit deals with matters relating to Government Subventions, Participants feeding, transport and lodging, training programmes, general revenue and other income, etc.
  4. The Personnel-Emolument Unit deals with matters relating to Salaries and Wages, Pension, other Personnel matters, including Annual- Leave, Training, etc.
  5. The Cash Office as a Central Unit deals with matters relating to receipts and payments and maintenance of records for all transactions. The Unit prepares monthly summary of all Cash transactions in a way of Journal voucher.
  6. The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, as the name implies, mainly deals with matters relating to budgets implementation, evaluation, and monitoring which is being regulated by certain bodies, such as NASS, AGF, AG&F, FMOT, NPC, etc.
  7. The Stores Unit deals mainly with matters relating to proper receipt and issuance of all items of stores in accordance with rules and regulations, processing for replenishment of stock re-order levels, periodic checking of physical stocks, assets' register maintenance,
  8. Final Accounts' Section: This Section deals with the preparation of quarterly, bi-annual and annual financial statements of the Institute. The Unit also prepares schedules of debtors (Internal and External), creditors and schedules that accompany financial statements.
  9. Records: This Unit ensures that all mails coming into or going out of the Bursary are properly documented and sent to the appropriate destinations

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